Wednesday, 19 October 2011

very very very funny one liners

Old people used to annoy me at weddings by pinching my cheeks n saying “U r next”.
They stopd doing that when i started doing same at funerals.
A Girl was standing at bus-stop covering her face with a scarf.
A Passer-by:”HI SEXY”
Girl-”DAD,……..its me”:
While I was driving today, 5 BMW vehicles were ahead of me and darn I couldn’t breathe! Oh! I meant Bio-Medical Waste.
Teacher: Tell me a sentence that starts with an “I”.
Student: I is the…
Teacher: Stop! Never put ‘is’ after an “I”. Always put ‘am’ after an “I”.
Student: OK. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet
Facebook is like a girl…when u completely understand it……… changes!
Roses are red
Facebook is blue
43 mutual frnds
still asking who are you!!
Dear Tiger Woods, I think you took our slogan a little too seriously. Sincerely, Nike
Men are easy to get but hard to keep.
It annoys me when people say, ‘I’m a vegetarian except fish.’ yeah, and i’m a non-smoker except cigarettes.

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