Sunday, 16 October 2011

very funny jokes on rajinikanth

Rajni is the God of Indian cinema.
Intel’s new tag line…. RAJNIKANT INSIDE!!!!
Rajnikanth farted…and from then the fart is known as…Rajnigandha
After 20 years… “ROBOTS” will make a movie…”RAJNIKANT”..
why does rajnikanth wear goggles…????so that the sun does not get burnt…!!!!
Death once had a near Rajnikant experience..!
Ek baar DAYA darwaja todne gaya, but life me pehli baar darwaja nai tuta. . . Ander se awaaj aayi. . YE RAJNIKANT KA GHAR HAI!
If Rajnikanth would have born 100 years back, British would have fought to get independence

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