Thursday, 20 October 2011

quotes funny one liners

i dont think the army should train men to be snipers,most of then cant even aim at a toilet bowl and hit it!
Thousands of people quit smoking every year……….. by dying.
You know what’s good about a dream? You can be with people who are impossible to be with in reality
I like to go up to people playing Solitaire and ask, “Who’s winning?”… :P
These are what my eyes look like during an exam: (←_←)(→_→)(←_←)(→_→)(↑_ ↑)(←_←)(→_→)
My life is a constant battle between my love of food & not wanting to get fat…
The cost of living is going up and the chance of living is going down!
If monkeys wore skirts, boys wud hv dated them
Disney Channel Auditions: “Can you sing or act?”
I: “Not really.”
Disney: “Perfect, you got the job!”
When I tell you “It’s a long story” It usually means I just don’t want to tell you

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